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Redundancy selection criteria and scoring matrix that helps you fairly, impartially and objectively select which employees to make redundant

includes: 25 questions + descriptions + weightings + score choices
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Making redundancies

Making redundancies can be time-consuming and has the potential to cost your business thousands of pounds if you get it wrong.

You will read a lot about what redundancy consultation documentation you need and how to consult staff. What many consultants, lawyers and other types of advisers forget to fully explain to you is the one thing that can make or break your redundancy round choosing the right redundancy selection criteria.

We think using the right redundancy selection criteria is key to ensuring you:

  • avoid costly employment tribunal claims by disgruntled staff
  • treat all employees in your selection pool fairly, objectively and transparently
  • make sure you keep the right skills, roles and people in your future business

Thinking of creating your own redundancy selection criteria? Be warned, it’s time consuming!

Believe us when we tell you, it will take up a lot of your time and effort to create and choose the right list of redundancy selection criteria. And that’s even before you’ve thought about scoring staff and making your redundancy decision.

Consulting staff will take up enough of your time, so why create more stress for yourself by having to create, validate and communicate your selection criteria when we have it all ready and waiting for you to use.

We have the solution to save you time, effort and hassle

We have developed our Redundancy Selection Criteria and Scoring Matrix through years of experience guiding business owners, managers and HR practitioners through the redundancy selection process.

Our online selection matrix (also refered to as a redundancy scorecard) includes everything you need to make your redundancy selection decision in no time at all. From selecting staff in your redundancy pool, to asking the right selection criteria questions, to scoring staff and finally making your redundancy selection decision.

Ultimately you need to show you’ve followed a fair, objective and robust selection process when deciding who stays and who goes.

Benefits of using our Redundancy Selection Criteria and Scoring Matrix

  • Takes minutes to create your redundancy selection pool of roles and people
  • Guides you through the redundancy scoring, selection and decision making process
  • Includes 25 ready-to-use selection criteria questions to score staff and capture evidence
  • Ability to target questions to different groups of employees based on role seniority
  • Automatically calculates a weighted score and ranks employees to aid your redundancy decision making process

In addition, once you’ve signed up as a customer, you can create as many roles, people and redundancy rounds as you want, re-use the inbuilt questions over and over again, and all before you are ready to launch your redundancy round.

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Our Redundancy Selection Criteria and Scoring Matrix provides you with a fair redundancy selection framework from which to identify your redundancy selection pool, assess employees at-risk of redundancy and make your decision on which employees to make redundant.

Keep on the right side of employment law.

Let us help you quickly, efficiently and fairly assess the skills your business needs to retain and select which employees need to go.


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