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We’ve list below a few of the most recent questions.

How do I choose who to make redundant?

Irrespective of how many staff, roles or redunancies you need to make, you need to adopt a fair, transparent and legally recognised redundancy selection process.

Using our online Redundancy Selection Tool will help you to:

  • retain the right skills in your organisation
  • follow a fair process when assessing, scoring and comparing people at-risk of redundancy
  • ask the right questions to identify and decide who gets made redundant

Included in our software are 25 competency based questions to help you score and compare staff, then make your decision. This means you will be choosing the right people to retain and who will be made redundant.

Can I make furloughed staff redundant?

Yes - both furloughed and remote workers can be included in your redundancy selection pool of roles and people.

Pre-pandemic redundancy rules still apply. However, you will need to think about holding redundancy meetings online rather than in-person.

The good news is you can already conduct your redundancy scoring, comparison and decisions online using our redundancy selection tool - Covid-19 free, fairly, on a phone, laptop or other device.

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