We get asked questions for time to time and also take note of snippets of information we think will be useful for usesrs of our website and software.

We’ve list below a few of the most recent questions.

Q: How do I select someone for redundancy ?

A: Fairly score and compare at-risk roles and people

Irrespective of how many employees you have placed at risk of redundancy you will need to adopt a fair, transparent and legally compliant redundancy selection process.

Using our online Redundancy Selection Tool will ensure you are retaining the right skills in your organisation and selecting the right individuals to make redundant.

All your data, selection criteria and scores will securely stored for record purposes. This provides you with reassurance you can demonstrate all redundancy decisions you make have been done correctly.

Q: Can I make furloughed or remote workers redundant ?

A: Yes

Furloughed and remote workers can be made redundant. You still need to follow the correct process, which is slightly different than the normal redundancy process and pre-pandemic guidelines.

Our Redundancy Selection Tool includes guidance on what to do when your staff have been furloughed and you need to make redundancies.

The good news is, both furloughed and remote working staff can still be included in your redundancy selection pool. But remember not to discriminate against them.

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