Selection pool

step one - redundancy pool of selection
Identify roles and staff at risk of redundancy
Plan your redundancy timeline and gather paperwork
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Pool of Selection

Once you have decided you need to make redundancies, you then need to consider which roles and members of staff are at risk of being made redundant.

These roles and people are known as your pool of selection or redundancy selection pool.

Having a clear redundancy selection plan is the best way to avoid costly employment tribunal claims. This will also help you to stay focused, treat staff fairly and remain impartial when making you redundancy selection decision.

Your redundancy plan should include details of how staff will be assessed, what they will be assessed on and how you will make your selection decision.

Where to start?

Before you start communicating anything to your employees, you'll need to think about having the following items in place:

No need to worry, we have the answer!

Luckily for you, you don't need to worry about developing your own set of redundancy selection criteria questions, a scorecord or guidance material.

Using our employee skills and leadership qualities selection criteria questions will help you to quickly assess employees against criteria important to your business.

Criteria questions are grouped with similar work standards, skills, behaviour or experience criteria to assist you quickly assess employees and select whom will be made redundant.

Each criteria question includes everything you need to communicate your important criteria, share with staff how the selection process works, objectively select redundant employees and explain your decision.

Choose the right package for you

All packages include:

Ready-to-use selection criteria questions
Definition of "what good looks like"
Suggested question importance weightings
Selection scorecard + rating scale
Easy-to-understand guidance material
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