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25 pre-populated questions

10 importance weightings

4 competency groups

4 scoring options

3 role seniority choices

roles + people + assessment + decision

team + individual score reports

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Why use our software

Our online redundancy selection tool will help you make redundancy decisions knowing you have treated all at-risk employees fairly, following recognised legal guidelines.

We have over 20 years experience of helping employers make difficult business decisions. Our redundancy selection tool has been designed by HR professionals, built by experienced software developers and tested by data analysts.

Full access to our question bank and scoring staff

Once you sign-up for a full account you will be able to input your roles, assign staff to roles, view our question bank of 25 indepth questions, start scoring staff, view scores online, print your reported results and make your decision based on the evidence.

roles + people + assessment + decision

Based on our experience of helping businesses assess staff to make redundant, we’ve included the features that will make your life easier when managing your round of redundancies:

  • quickly record key details of your roles at risk of redundancy
  • identify your employees and assign them to a role in your redundancy selection pool
  • 25 in-built skills and competency questions to assess skill level
  • in-built weightings, role seniority and scoring options to fairly compare staff against each other
  • compare observced behaviour, reported scores and make your redundancy decision
  • download and share reports to back-up your redundancy decision based on evidence

25 pre-populated questions

pre-populated + in-depth description + role & seniority based questions + pre-weighted + score choices with descriptions

Our question bank includes:

  • 25 different pre-populated questions

    17 relating to skills, behaviour, attitude and performance
    8 focusing on business and commercial skills required by managers and leaders
    all questions populated with a title, competency group, detailed description, score options + description

  • 10 importance weightings

    questions have been assigned an importance weighting to emphasize which criteria are more important than others. All weighting are pre-set, calculated and scores reported

  • 4 core competency groups

    questions have been assigned to a group of similar skills, behaviours and experience

  • 4 scoring options

    descriptive text included aids score understanding and defines what good looks like

  • 3 role seniority choices (team member + manager + leader)

    each question is assigned one or more choices based on the most appropriate seniority level for the question being asked

team + individual score reports

range of downloadable reports + aids decision making + decide who stays & who to select for redundancy

Our reports will help make your decision making easy, painfree and non-discriminatory:

  • overall observed and recorded scores
  • breakdown of 4 competency groupings
  • grouped by role and individual
  • descriptive evidence of observed skills, behaviour and performance (ACAS recommended)

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