It doesn’t matter how many redundancies you are looking to make, all employers need to ensure they document how they reached their decision to terminate someone’s employment.

When making redundancies it is essential to adopt a fair and transparent process when scoring, selecting and deciding which roles and people to retain or let go. Get it wrong and an Employment Tribunals claim can go against you, costing your company thousands of pounds.

Our software

Our online redundancy selection tool will help you make redundancy decisions knowing you have treated all at-risk employees fairly following recognised legal guidelines.

Our tool has been designed by HR professionals, built by experienced software developers and tested by data analysts.

Our team have thought of everything and included the features we think will make your life easier when managing redundancies, from:

  • quickly identify which roles are at risk of redundancy
  • identifying which employees and managers to include in your redundancy selection pool
  • scoring employees using our in-built skills and competency questions
  • applied questions weightings to fairly compare staff against each other

Included as Standard

How you score and choose employees to be made redundant plays a big part in ensuring you are following the law and don’t discriminate.

Our software includes:

  • attitude, behaviour and personal qualities questions
  • work, skill and change related questions
  • role and seniority specific questions
  • all questions are weighted for scoring purposes
  • management information and HR reports

We have also provided information to help you follow ACAS and CIPD guidelines.

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