making Employees and Managers redundant

Our redundancy selection framework will help you to assess employees at-risk of redundancy and follow a fair process when choosing who to make redundant.

selection questions and scorecard for:
Employees + Managers + Leaders

This option is ideal if you need to make multiple roles and seniority grades redundant.

Contains both employee and manager selection criteria questions.

Combining both sets of criteria provides the perfrect platform for you to assess multiple roles, people and grades all at the same time.

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Employee skills + Leadership qualities

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18 ready-to-use employee and management criteria questions
Criteria definition and example ideal behaviour
Suggested importance weightings

Selection scorecard
Score ratings and explanatory notes
Guidance material

ready-to-use questions:

All employee skills, attitude and behaviour questions
All manager and leadership questions
Disciplinary and attendance records

Our redundancy selection criteria questions and scorecard framework is trusted by business leaders and employees alike. It is used by many employers in a variety of industry sectors.

If you would like to speak to someone about what criteria question option is best suited for your redundancy needs, please get in touch.

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