Criteria Questions & Score Ratings

Irrespective of how many staff, roles or redunancies you need to make, you need to adopt a fair, transparent and legally recognised redundancy selection process.

Using our online Redundancy Selection Criteria and Scoring Matrix will help you to:

  • retain the right skills in your organisation
  • follow a fair process when assessing, scoring and comparing people at-risk of redundancy
  • ask the right questions to identify and decide who gets made redundant

Included in our online matrix are 25 competency based questions to help you score and compare staff, then make your redundancy decision. This means you will be choosing the right people to retain and who will be made redundant.

Redundancy Selection Criteria

To help you get started assessing staff at risk of redundancy and be on the way to making fair legally compliant redundancies, we have created a list of 25 ready-to-use redundancy selection criteria questions.

  • Each selection criteria question is based on a key skill, behaviour or expertise we think might be important to you when deciding who stays and who in your pool of selection needs to be made redundant.

  • Our selection criteria questions have been developed over many years of helping organisations make difficult business decisions relating to their employees. In developing our questions we have taken into consideration what support employers need and how they need to comply with UK employment legislation.

So no matter how many staff you currently have or how many roles are going, using our redundancy selection criteria will help ensure you follow ACAS guidelines, treat employees fairly and adhere to key employment legislation during the redundancy selection, consultation and employment termination process.

Choosing the most important criteria

We have taken the hassle out of choosing which standards of work, skills, experience and/or employee records to consider when scoring and selecting which employees will be made redundant.

We have created an set of redundancy selection criteria questions, which we make available to all users.

As a client you will have access all 25 different redundancy selection criteria questions. Each questions comes with the following:

  • key criteria, criteria question and detailed description
  • score choice range and descriptions of poor to excellent ability level
  • criteria importance weighting, which is automatically to provide an overall score per individual

Each of our redundancy selection criteria questions has passed our rigorous client adoption process. This helps us to know what selection criteria questions are being used, are required and how we can further support you when you need to make redundancies.

In addition, we have also assigned each redundancy selection criteria to one of three role hierarchy options typically found in organisations. This means you will only be asking questions relevant an individuals role seniority, rather than having to choose n/a or asking irrelevant questions.

We think our matrix approach to redundancy selection gives you peace of mind that you are following a robust redundancy selection process and using the same fair criteria as other organisations, who like you are facing having to make redundancies.

Score Rating and Weighting

All 25 questions included in our Redundancy Selection and Scoring Matrix include:

  • score rating range poor to excellent

  • score rating descriptive text which defines what the score rating means and what good looks like

  • calculated weighted score and employee ranking table

Once you’ve assessed and scored your pool of employees, a total weighted score will be automatically calculated based the criteria, importance weighting and how many questions were assigned to the employees role.

The total weighted score is used to rank employees against each other in the redundant role. You can use this report to make your redundancy selection decision and advise the employee as part of your redundancy consultation meetings.

Our Redundancy Selection Criteria and Scoring Matrix provides you with a fair redundancy selection framework from which to identify your redundancy selection pool, assess employees at-risk of redundancy and follow a fair process when scoring and evidencing employee skills, behaviour and competence in their role.

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