Select staff for redundancy

step three - redundancy pool of selection
Review scores and rank staff against each criteria
Make selection decision of who will leave
Inform staff being made redunant
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Redundancy Selection Decision

Calculate criteria weighted scores & select who will be made redundant

You must select employees for redundancy in a fair way and not discriminate against any individuals or groups of individuals.

It’s a good idea to use selection criteria to help you choose which employees to make redundant. You should base the criteria on:

To help you start assessing staff at risk of redundancy and be on the way to making fair legally compliant redundancies we provide the following range of redundancy selection questions.

Three options to choose from:
Redundancy Notification

Once you have made your redundancy selection decision you need to communicate the outcome to all employees placed at risk of redundancy.

Each of our criteria question packages includes a scorecard to record selection criteria scores and weighting for your whole redundancy pool. In addition, we have also included an addition template to recording and communicating weighted scores to each individual employee. Thereby saving you time creating such material and to ensure every single employee receives the same communication message.

Each selection criteria question is based on a key skill, behaviour or expertise we think might be important to you when deciding who stays and who in your pool of selection needs to be made redundant.

All packages include:

Ready-to-use selection criteria questions
Definition of "what good looks like"
Suggested question importance weightings
Selection scorecard + rating scale
Easy-to-understand guidance material
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